Python Programming

Cited as the best programming language of today and future Python Programming language is going to be a master of programming languages. This is a powerful high-level with easy to use syntax. This is the programming language with the most libraries available for any other language out there. The best part is even a beginner […]

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MicroPython on NodeMCU

What is NodeMCU If you heard about “Internet of Things”, NodeMCU is an opensource IOT platform on which you can build your IOT projects. This is based on eLua firmware as it houses the ESP8266 Wifi module on board made by Espressif. We have separate post explaining the NodeMCU, the link will be added soon. […]

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The Intelligent Security Systems

Cyber Security

Cyber and Cloud Security: The term cyber security has developed as parallel to the cybercrime which has become more sophisticated with the time. In these days the cyber crime has become more stronger and the need to tackle such crimes has also became a daunting task for the security professionals. So, are there possible ways […]

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TravelIndia – Bot

  This Travel India bot helps in finding out places of interests in India. Just ask or chat and it will speak or shows you the places it found out. This uses the power of A.I in the back end and could fetch the places from the Internet. This bot is currently available only in […]

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How to Create a Log File using Shell Scripting

Here is a Shell Script for creating a Log File inside a directory.


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Angular JS 4


What’s New in Angular JS 4 Smaller and Faster Angular JS blog state that they¬†delivered their our promise to make Angular applications smaller and faster in Angular JS 4. Also, they added a note they have not done yet on this and we will see further improvements in the coming months. View Engine The Angular […]

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