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Angular.js is an MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework and among the top benefits: quick code production, easy testing of any app part and two-way data binding (changes in the backend are immediately reflected on the UI). Since release its ecosystem has gone beyond imagination. As for now, it is reasonably called the most used JS framework for SPAs (Single-Page Applications) development and it boasts the largest community of developers. The current version is Angular JS 2.

Update: The current version of Angular JS is 4.0.0, know what is new here

Angular Js 2 comes with a long list of features that enable building everything, ranging from web to desktop and mobile. Framework is built with TypeScript from Microsoft with an eye to making JavaScript more agile and attractive for large enterprises. ng2 features a component-based architecture, improved DI (dependency injection), efficient logging service, inter-component communications and more.

Top tutorials from the internet:

For Offical Angualr JS tutorial and for experienced progrmmers we recommend to visit  Angular JS Official

For beginners and programmers who just want to try Angular JS please try W3Schools or Tutorials Point

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Here are few best books for mastering Angular Js 2:




Though you have thoroughly skilled Angular JS 2, to crack and interview you need sure shot interview questions :
Here are few superb links that can make sure crack your angular interviews:

Few questions :
  1. Explain the life cycle hooks of Angular 2 application
  2. What are the advantages of using Angular 2 over Angular 1?
  3. How routing works in Angular 2.
  4. What are Event Emitters and how it works in Angular 2?
  5. What is the use of codelyzer in angular 2 application.

Here is the link to these questions, feel free to share few more interview questions so that we can share with others.

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