Are you aware that Internet has reached almost every person in many countries. Which it self states its ability to reach to millions of potential users.

I have worked on the following areas and can help guiding you on your applications/websites to make them better.

  • WebSite Developement
  • Web Applications
  • WebServers (Apache)
  • Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools
  • Google Assistant
  • Shared, Reseller, VPS WebHosting
  • API.AI, Facebook-Messenger Developers
  • Internet of Things

Here are few Technologies I have worked with (I may not be a master, but surely a Jack)

  • Operating Systems : Ubuntu, Fedora, Raspbian OS, Windows
  • Server Side Programming : PHP
  • Client Side: HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • Scripting : Python, Shell, Arduino, MicroPython
  • Frameworks : WordPress
  • APIs : API.AI, Facebook Messenger API, Google Assistant
  • IOT Boards on which I programmed : NodeMCU, Arduino
  • IOT Sensors : DHT 11 – 22, PIR Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, ESP8266 etc
  • IOT Computer Boards : Raspberry Pi Model 3B.

So, you are free to ask me any thing related to these and I can help you at the earliest.
Please contact me via my contact form.