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This Travel India bot helps in finding out places of interests in India. Just ask or chat and it will speak or shows you the places it found out. This uses the power of A.I in the back end and could fetch the places from the Internet. This bot is currently available only in this iframe version and am working on bringing it to Google Home and Facebook pretty soon.

This Bot is still in its Beta stage and your suggestions are most welcome. The Bot can identify place types, for example “historic”,”spiritual” etc, States in India and Climate. Once you are given places, you can ask to give you details about that place by saying “Detail <place name which was returned previously>”.

Please do report any errors or empty responses so that I can fix them, thanks in advance for your help.

Here are few queries you can try:

  • let me know few historic places
  • religious places in Tamil Nadu

You are welcome to try more. 🙂


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